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Unlocking Houses for Less

If you are locked out of something make sure to call around and get TOTAL PRICES before you hire anybody.  My rates are the lowest around.  I never charge more than $100 no matter what insane time it is, and I almost never damage your door hardware.  I read about lock bypass methods all the time so that I can open your door without ruining your lock.  You get to keep using the same key, your lock looks the same as it did before you lost your key or whatever happened that necessitated you having to call somebody to get your door open.

Happy New Year!

Wallingford Locksmith

I am very close to Wallingford, a straight shot down Stone Way.  There are no actual locksmiths in the Wallingford neighborhood.  I believe I am the closest licensed locksmith to Wallingford, and if you are locked out of a car or building I will get you back in the fastest.

Fremont Locksmith

I am less than 10 minutes away from Fremont via Highway 99.  There are no licensed locksmiths in Fremont, so I may be the closest one to downtown Fremont.  Give me a call, I can do almost anything you ask related to locks.

Seattle Locksmith Sasquatch Security Services

When you need a locksmith

in North Seattle

If you are locked out,

Afraid of criminal intent

Give Sasquatch a call.   (425) 610-9569

Licensed, bonded, and insured.

Fast service to the following neighborhoods: Green Lake, Greenwood, Ballard, Phinney,  Ravenna, Maple Leaf,  Laurelhurst, Fremont, Wallingford, Freelard, and the University District.   Area codes 98103, 98107, 98117, 98105, 98115 are the exact same areas if you speak in area codes.