Free Locks

The idea behind these locks: you can secure your door for free using this lock. Remove the old lock. If it is a typical tubular lock then the new lock should work in its place with little to no modification of the door or doorframe. Everybody with the old key will now be locked out. These locks are provided for free and thusly come with no warranty. Don’t put your eye out!

These locks are rekeyed to one or two random keys. They are tested and functioning and will work fine as long as they are installed correctly. Don’t call me to ask about how to install them. Watch the videos below to find out about how to do it. You will only need a Phillips screwdriver to install the locks I am providing but you might need a flathead or hex key screwdriver to remove the old lock depending on what kind it is.

To install a doorknob:

To install a deadbolt: